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Total Tests included = 99 Liver function tests (11) + Lipid profile (7) + Kidney (8) Vitamin B12 and D3, Calcium (3) + Others (70) The early onset of diseases can be detected through regular pathological tests. Thus, preventive health check-ups are advisable for maintaining good health. Aarogyam comprehensive 2 health check-up package is an exhaustive combination of pathological tests that give a correct picture of the health of your body. This full body checkup identifies risk factors for your health. So, it is advisable to get your regular full body health check-ups done.  Aarogyam comprehensive 2 health check package gives nearly a complete idea about a person’s overall health. People with the following profile should get preventive health checks done regularly:   People who do not eat a diet with balanced nutrition.  Living a stressful or sedentary lifestyle.  A family history of diseases.  People suffering from illness. With Aarogyam comprehensive 2 health check package, you get a full body checkup at home. Some important tests that are included in this health check-up are:  Cardiac test: Testing the HS CRP and Homocysteine levels help evaluate the condition of the heart or cardiac tissue. HS CRP test: The HS stands for High sensitivity and CRP is C reactive protein. The high sensitivity CRP test identifies general levels of inflammation in the body, which indicates disease or an infection that is present in your body. A low level of inflammation but chronic in nature is identified with this test and it indicates that the person is likely to develop cardiac disease.  Vitamin D3, and Vitamin B12 tests: Vitamin D: Testing the Vitamin D3 level is necessary because vitamin D keeps the bones, teeth, body immunity, and hormonal balance normal. It helps the brain stay in top shape. Vitamin B12: Testing the Vitamin B12 level is necessary because it is needed for Red Blood Cell formation, the formation of DNA structures, and normal neurological function development.

Price : ₹ 2,499/-

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