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Total Tests included = 89 Blood (20) + Liver (11) + Kidney (8) + Others (50) Regular health checks can prevent nearly 70% of health challenges that you might face. Pathological tests can detect early-onset of diseases which helps you take care of your health at the right time or before it is too late. Aarogyam’s comprehensive health check up package gives a complete idea of an individual’s health. With our full body checkup, risk factors for your health are often identified beforehand so that you may not face health complications in the future. Be aware, and be proactive for your better health. Get your regular full-body health check-ups done and stay healthier for longer. Aarogyam’s comprehensive health check package covers those tests which help get an idea about a person’s health in detail. People who should get preventive health checks done are: • Adults who live a stressful or sedentary life. • People having a history of diseases in their family. • Patients having illness With Aarogyam’s comprehensive health check package, you get a full body checkup at home as it consists of all necessary tests that assess and evaluate the functioning of all major organs of the body. Some of the tests that are included in this comprehensive health check up are: • Liver function test: There are 11 tests that check and report on the functioning of the liver. The health of the liver is thoroughly checked through these tests. • Lipid profile: This test measures the levels of various lipids present in our blood. With a lipid profile test, cholesterol-related disorders can be diagnosed and your heart and blood vessels can be prevented from getting damaged due to cholesterol built-up. • Kidney basic screen test: This test reports on the functioning of the kidneys. The kidney being a vital organ like the brain, lungs, liver, and heart, Kidney basic function test is a must. • Cardiac test: HS CRP and Homocysteine like parameters are tested to evaluate the condition of the heart or cardiac tissue. HS CRP test: The HS stands for High sensitivity and CRP is C reactive protein. High sensitivity CRP test identifies general levels of inflammation in the body, which indicates disease or an infection that is present in your body. A low level of inflammation but chronic in nature is identified with this test and it indicates that the person is likely to develop cardiac disease. • Vitamin D and B12: The vitamin D test is done to identify deficiency of this vitamin. Vitamin D is responsible for many things like keeping the bones, teeth, immunity, and hormonal balance in perfect condition and it also helps the brain function optimally. Vitamin B12: This is a very important vitamin of the B complex family that is needed for Red Blood Cell formation which helps the blood and many other body parts stay healthy. Vitamin B12 is also needed for the formation of DNA structures and normal neurological function development. Thus, testing for deficiency of vitamin B12 is vital for good health.

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