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Liver tests (11) + Lipid profile (7) + Thyroid (5) + Kidney (8) Vitamin B12 and D3, Calcium (3) + Others (25) When you do regular health checks with pathological tests now, you are likely to prevent any serious health complications that might happen in the future. Detecting diseases before they take a strong hold over your health is possible with Pathological tests. Aarogyam Basic health check-up package is the right combination of pathological tests that give an idea about your general health. With this full body checkup, risk factors for your health can be identified in time. It is thus advisable to get your regular full-body health check-up done at regular intervals. Aarogyam Basic health check package helps you stay in good health. Get preventive health checks done when: • You are not eating healthily or cannot have a healthy lifestyle • Your daily living is stressful • You live a sedentary life. • You have a family history of diseases • You are having illness With Aarogyam Basic health check package, you get a full body checkup at home. Some of the tests that are included in this health check-up are: • Cholesterol or Lipid profile: The levels of various lipids like LDL, HDL, Triglycerides, etc., and their ratio are evaluated with this test. When you have a healthy lipid profile, your heart, blood vessels, liver, etc. work optimally. • Thyroid test: The functioning of the thyroid gland needs to be tested because the thyroid is responsible for manufacturing and storing important hormones. These hormones are vital for good health because they support the maintenance of the regular rhythm of the heartbeat, regulate body temperature, and maintain blood pressure levels. • Calcium test: Calcium is needed for a strong skeletal system. Strong bones and teeth need calcium. Calcium also plays an important role in blood clotting, nerve function, cell signaling, and muscle contraction.

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